Installation Services

Installation Services

Free of charge from first contact with the client, Equinsa Parking offers our professional experience and knowledge to find the best solution for managing your car park. Our sales and technical department will perform a comprehensive analysis to develop the best solution to boost your business.

When you buy your Sense equipment from Equinsa Parking, our professional advice will guarantee its appropriate installation and implementation. We believe that comprehensive installation is very important for preventing failures and any undesirable effects on any system. If these do occur due to a faulty installation, its repair is usually difficult and very expensive.

The installation of the Equinsa Sense system is done by a large team of specialist technicians who are part of our Installations Service.

Regardless of where it’s installed, we cover all of Spain.

If the system has to be installed outside of Spain, no problem. In every country where Equinsa Parking has a presence, its distributors have been selected for their high level of training in the installation and maintenance of electronic equipment and have received the appropriate courses for official specialisation in our installations and refresher courses in their respective countries. All of these have been provided by personnel in Equinsa Parking’s Technical Department. In this way, the correct installation of the equipment is guaranteed and all this at a very competitive price.

The Equinsa Parking network’s international Installations Service is familiar with the latest technologies used in our Sense system. They are undoubtedly the most suitable team to make sure that your parking management system offers you the optimum performance you expect for many years.