Centralization system

EQUINSA Centralised Incident Control (CIC)

What is the Centralisation System?

The EQUINSA PARKING Centralisation System (CIC) is a comprehensive solution for remote car park control. It was designed to remotely perform tasks on a car park without physically being there.

Why do I need a Centralisation System?

In recent years, the number of vehicles has increased considerably, which means that parking has become a daily problem. Car parks have become fundamental pieces in the mobility of cities. In our current market, it is becoming more and more important for car park operators to find a system that combines two great aspirations:

Savings in operational costs.
Improvements in the service provided to users.

The Centralisation System allows us to reduce costs considerably by making use of low occupancy and low workload hours in the developments, usually at night, being able to control several car parks from a single Control Centre, reducing the amount of personnel needed and generating significant savings. In addition to this, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, customers’ perception of a feeling of care is similar to that of manned car parks.

What are its features?

The Centralisation System has a user-friendly interface that is very simple to use, providing the user with convenience and security when working with it. The system allows for the implementation of any task that could be carried out ‘in situ’ in the car park as it has a remote connection to the hardware where the local car park system is located. It is made to work with different Equinsa Parking car park systems, as well as the management and control systems of any other manufacturer in the sector.

Its greatest potential lies in incident management. The system is in contact with the local intercom of each car park, which allows it to monitor communications, detect a call and redirect it to the control station for assistance. It is also able to automatically open the window of the device that made the call and display the cameras linked with it, allowing the user to have a complete view of the customer.

Once the communication between the user and the customer is finished, the system detects the relevant event, and prompts the user to automatically close the incident, indicating the reason for the incident and, if desired, a brief comment about its resolution.

Technology Used

The Centralisation System uses standard technologies. All communications use TCP/IP, which is the most widely used set of communication protocols in the world. The interconnection between the different car parks is conducted through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is standard in terms of connections between remote hardware.

Continuous Evolution

Like all EQUINSA systems, the Centralisation System is designed to adapt to future developments and market needs. This concept is essential for centralisation as the basic task is to control other car park systems. For this reason, it can be extended to control new car park systems. The Centralisation System continuously evolves with every passing day as new features are added and existing ones are optimised.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Access via username and password.
  • User Control.
  • Automatic opening of windows before an incident.
  • Automatic closing of windows after a call.
  • Configuration of automatic actions.
  • Record of actions and incidents.
  • Reports on actions and incidents.
  • Remote connection with car park hardware.
  • Multiple camera display for a machine.
  • Implementation of operations on a machine.
  • Call forwarding service.