Nassica Renews and Dresses in Lights

Nassica Renews and Dresses in Lights

The Nassica Shopping Center is renewed to update and expand its offer in products and services.

To optimize the quality of services to users, Nassica has signed an agreement with Equinsa Parking, a leading company in offering products and solutions for the parking sector, which has a long professional experience and extensive network of facilities in service, in shopping centers in different countries of Europe and South America.

The agreement has consisted in the installation of different solutions, developed by Equinsa, that will allow the Manager of the Commercial Area to optimize the available resources for parking vehicles of visitors to the Shopping Center. The systems installed have been:

GUIA_Sonnar System, of Equinsa Parking, to give quick information and help to the user, about the available places in each of the sectors in the Underground Parking, of the Shopping Center.

System of Transit of Vehicles in Surface, that will allow to the manager to orient to the users on the zones with more capacity of seats available in each moment.

RAMA systems, for the recognition of license plates, in the different accesses and exits of the Shopping Center.

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