Discount Validators

Discount Validators

Equinsa Parking offers different solutions so that businesses associated with the car park are able to receive discounts on their car park tickets.


A Ticket Validator connected to the SENSE system, which is installed in each associated centre or business, and which, when scanning the parking ticket, applies the chosen discount. When the user makes the parking payment, the system will automatically apply the selected discount.

Up to 4 different discounts can be specified. Small in size, it has the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere.

Its easy handling will speed up the validation of tickets in your car park.


With our offline ticket discount generator, you can create up to 4 different types of discounts without having to be connected to the Sense Parking System. Its main advantage is that it can be placed in any room or business space and doesn’t need to be connected to the car park network.

This validator will issue a ticket with a selected discount and when the user goes to pay for their stay, they present the discount ticket so that the payment systems automatically calculate the total payment for the stay.


Associated centres or businesses will be able to validate discount tickets through mobile devices. The user will present their parking ticket at the centre or the business associated with the car park, which will scan it with authorised mobile devices… The mobile device connects to the system via Wifi/3G or 4G and applies the discount selected by the associated merchant.

Its main advantage is that it doesn’t need to be connected to the car park network, facilitating mobility and remote use.

You can set up as many discounts as have been programmed on the server. This innovative device is revolutionising the validation of discount tickets in car parks.

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