Corporate Buildings and Residential Areas

Corporate Buildings and Residential Areas

Since its design, Equinsa Parking has tried to make its Sense car park system responsive to adaptability.

“Provide convenient parking at work and at home”

The demand for residential and corporate building parking with professional management is constantly increasing due to the exponential growth of cities, which means that their users/customers increasingly need safe and easy access to the car parks they use every day, both at work and at home.

The Equinsa systems will help you create a space that tenants and homeowners can access with no problems. In corporate buildings, it’s essential to manage employees, customers and visitors in different ways. With Equinsa Parking, this is no problem at all and we’ll help you to automatically manage this wide range of users and the spaces they occupy in corporate buildings.

Advantages of the Equinsa system for corporate buildings and residential areas:

  • Management of regular users/pass holders through contactless cards.
  • Easy access by reading authorised vehicles’ number plates.
  • Simple visitor management (issue discount tickets, access through registration authorisation, discount validation, etc.)
  • Automated and periodic billing for your business’s customers and for active parking cards.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure (such as garage doors)

Features :

  • Management of areas reserved for owners or employees through controlling access by recognising authorised number plates.
  • Flexible pricing for the use of zones depending on the occupancy level of the reserved spaces or areas.
  • Reservation of designated zones for authorised users (bathrooms, lifts, etc.).
  • Increased car park security through an interface with a CCTV system and an intercom system.
  • High level of car park security thanks to the recognition, registration and monitoring of the number plates of circulating vehicles.
  • Access via contactless devices, MIFARE card.