Hotels and Resorts

Since its design, Equinsa Parking has tried to make its Sense car park system responsive to adaptability. This allows for simple solutions to specific demands without having to “invent” a system.

“The perfect stay starts with convenient parking”

The hospitality business depends on a range of factors; it’s not enough for a hotel to have clean rooms and an innovative decor, it has to be suited to the needs of its customers by using the best marketing to maximise its occupancy. Managing hotel car parks profitably and efficiently can be an important factor for users choosing your hotel, as well as for increasing your income and the profitability of your business.

From small hotels to large international hotel chains, it’s important that the system used in your facilities incurs the lowest possible expenses while obtaining the best performance. Equinsa will put an innovative technology at your disposal that will help you reach your objectives.

Our solutions can integrate the system with door-opening cards, hotel key card access systems, pass card control and monitoring capabilities for car rental agencies, suppliers, etc.

In the same way, our system offers integrated solutions for resorts and entertainment centres such as theme parks, convention centres, corporate events, museums, sports studios, etc…


  • Management integration with the hotel’s specific system.
  • Room key-card integration in the car park system.
  • Integration of valet parking management with the management system through mobile solutions (Tablets) to facilitate and reduce vehicle transfer times.
  • Flexible fare system that allows proximity cards to be issued for all types of subscriptions and/or prepayments.
  • Independent control of spaces reserved for guests.