Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

“Park and shop in peace”

Supermarket and hypermarket customers want to be able to park right at the door. When carrying many bags, being able to access the car park in a convenient and flexible way is essential. If you want your customers to come back, put the management of the car park system in our hands.

With the Equinsa System, you can monitor the exact parking time. By doing so, you can offer your customers a free period of use and manage it so that if it is exceeded, you can charge the excess by applying whatever rates you decide. You can also completely deny access to outsiders or request payment of a certain amount for the use of the car park. This solution also takes your employees into account: professional long-stay car park management allows you to flexibly grant authorisations so that your employees can conveniently park on a daily basis by using contactless access cards.

Advantages of the Equinsa system for supermarkets and hypermarkets:

  • Limit use of the car park to customers.
  • Employee management with contactless cards.
  • Knowledge of the habits and behaviours of our clients, allowing for Effective Marketing through reports and statistics that help us get to know them.
  • Exclusion of users who are not customers of the establishment, or billing after a certain period of time in the car park.
  • Validation of tickets in supermarkets and hypermarkets through integration with their own payment systems or through small independent ticket validators. This allows for different types of discounts to be made.

Features :

  • We integrate management solutions in the car park management for parking areas reserved for employees.
  • Equinsa automatic guidance system integration to facilitate the search and identification of free spaces by guiding the vehicle through interactive panels.
  • Parking management integration with the supermarket and hypermarket management system.
  • Car park management remotisation and diversification to make management more flexible.
  • Increased car park security through an interface with a CCTV system, intercom system, free space detection and parking guidance.
  • High level of car park security thanks to the recognition, registration and monitoring of the number plates of circulating vehicles.
  • Validation of parking tickets in checkout lanes through integration with an in-house system or through modern small size ticket validators. This allows different types of discounts to be made, depending on the features of the clients.
  • Maximum ease in payment for the stay, using credit cards or mobile payment through our APP EQP.