Car Park Control and Management System

Car Park Control and Management System

Experience the most advanced technological solution for car park management

Our Sense car park control and management system offers an effective and comprehensive solution that allows you to manage and control access to your car park.

The experience we’ve accumulated for more than 30 years in the field has helped us to develop our Equinsa Sense System with the highest possible degree of efficiency and reliability at a competitive price, and is a tool that will increase your business’s profitability and productivity.

A combination of the best parking hardware and our Sense Software, developed by our R&D department, is the perfect solution for managing your car park. Add the best technical assistance service to this, being a national leader in in-house post-sales services, and you’ll have no doubts in choosing Equinsa to develop your project.

All our hardware complies with current regulations. At Equinsa, quality is a crucial part of our culture, which leads us to strive for excellence not only in our products but also in our services. Due to this, we’ve provided a system with a quality certified according to ISO 9001 regulations for over 20 years.

At Equinsa, commitment to the environment is one of our top priorities, which is why we’ve sought to provide solutions to your needs in the most sustainable ways possible, providing innovative solutions that also allow adequate valuations and the appropriate use of resources from an environmental perspective. Equinsa was the first national manufacturer to have a system certified according to ISO 14001 regulations.

Why choose Equinsa Parking

  • Ergonomic and reliable design based on the use of high-quality materials such as steel and aluminium that allows for operation in environments of extreme demand.
  • The system provides high-speed operations and low maintenance with the aim of reducing operational and maintenance costs.
  • Its modular and scalable design allows any facility to be updated without additional costs. The use of Linux in its programming eliminates licensing costs and negative external influences such as computer viruses.
  • The entire Sense system works using TCP/IP, which reduces installation costs and allows for future expansion.
  • The use of general purpose elements and modules in monetics, electronic boards and visualisation and control systems considerably reduces maintenance costs, facilitating the acquisition of spare parts.
  • The system supports different forms of payment adapted to new technologies and based on the premise of security: cash, credit cards, contactless, payment by phone, etc.
  • Sense is also designed for centralisation by using IP intercom or video intercom at source, both based on international SIP protocol.
  • Modular, open and adaptable software.


Modular, open and adaptable software. In addition to reliability, adaptability is a fundamental premise of the design of Equinsa’s Sense system management software.

It has been created under the idea of maximum reusability, meaning that many of the management and communication modules are common for all system elements. This makes it much easier to simplify software maintenance and update procedures, making them more robust.

With the SENSE Open Operation and Control System, different operator stations can be configured according to the car park’s needs and type of use. This is because it has been designed through Software Modules that are installed in PC architectures to adjust any type of Operator Station according to the configurations mentioned below:

  • Single PC configuration
  • Configuration with two PCs (Separate Payment/Supervision Stations)
  • Configuration with several Payment/Supervision stations
  • Configuration of several stations with identical or different functional natures
  • Simplified configuration with the SENSE – EA2 CC Terminal

As previously mentioned, the software has been designed for use in PC architecture with a Windows operating system. We have chosen this option as Windows is the most widely used operating system, with a universal presence. This ensures that many users are familiar with its appearance and use, at least on a user level.

Likewise, SQL Server is used as a database manager. The quality, strength and performance of Microsoft SQL Server is beyond doubt, and provides our system with great possibilities, both on an operational level and in terms of data integrity. The operation menu is very intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the operator to conveniently perform Payment and Supervision operations with full control of the system, as well as obtaining all the relevant real-time information on:

  • Accounting data
  • Statistics
  • Incidents
  • Lists

The system can be used by multiple users with different access permissions, thus protecting certain information and preventing tampering.

Its powerful management software allows for the realisation of all kinds of statistics such as income, occupation, stays, peak hours, etc.

Likewise, it includes a remote management capacity via a local network or the internet, through which remote stations can be established for tasks that include management, diagnosis and parameterisation.


All kinds of tickets

There is also diversity in the types of tickets, and the adaptability of the Sense System is vast. With options both for rotation users and pass card holders, short-stay or long-stay parking, clients can choose between paper tickets or MIFARE style contactless cards, with barcodes and magnetic stripes, or mixed technology that incorporates both methods into a single ticket. Not to mention that there are also options for innovative ticketless systems, such as number plate recognition access, UHF tag access and access by using our EQP mobile application. There are multiple options for an optimal system.








With the other Equinsa Parking systems

Our Sense system can be integrated with the other solutions that Equinsa Parking offers for car park management.


It recognises the number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the car park, and identifies the registration number on parking tickets. This provides a high degree of security and control in management of the car park.


Our innovative Parking Guidance concept improves the quality of the service provided to the user, allowing for quicker parking, which increases the level of customer satisfaction while increasing the profitability of the car park by optimising the rotation of available places. This is done by improving of the fluidity of vehicle traffic. All this is a BENEFIT for the manager both in terms of image and profit.


This is a comprehensive solution for remote car park control that was created to allow for tasks to be performed on a car park remotely, without needing to physically be in it. Its potential lies in incident management as the system is in contact with the local intercom of each car park. There’s integration and control of systems for CCTV, fires, CO, automatic door opening, etc. It also offers remote control for car park components.


Take advantage of our cloud solutions, simplify your business and infrastructure and reduce costs. Our web-based application will allow you to control your hardware from any web terminal, as well as integrate with online services such as online discounts, mobile websites, online reservations, payment and more… Also choose the EQP Equinsa mobile app for smartphones and tablets to enjoy the most comprehensive user experience.


Through EQP, users can find their car park, go there via GPS, enter and leave by using their mobile phones with no need to collect a ticket, and pay with their credit cards in a convenient and secure way.

With the client’s ERP

Many of our clients are large national or international operators that usually work with back-office systems (SAP, NAVISION, etc.) to manage most of their resources and provide solutions to their planning needs.

At this point, in order to automate and optimise processes, the need arises to integrate part of the car parks’ economic and financial control tasks that operate in their organisational ERPs.

EQUINSA’s SENSE system allows for total or partial operating data exports. Examples of what it involves include centralising tasks such as receiving income and accounting data, direct debits, client registrations and withdrawals and occupation and statistical data.

Equinsa wants our clients to enjoy more logical and orderly information management by facilitating integration with these business management solutions.

In addition to this, at the request of our clients, EQUINSA’s development department makes tailor-made solutions that further automate these procedures, not only to make our clients’ jobs easier but also to avoid errors during the exchange of information between the different parties involved as much as possible.

But we don’t just implement customised integration projects with large car park operators. We also implement developments for small and medium operators – including gyms, hotels, supermarkets and more – that need customised solutions to serve their users and customers more efficiently.


The EQUINSA VALET module allows for the management of areas assigned for the VALET parking service with Sense systems. With this parking module, we will be able to considerably speed up the entry and exit of vehicles in the premises, which will have a favourable effect both on the client, avoiding unnecessary waiting for a space, and on the car park, optimising vacancies.


The system will be composed of:

  • Sense car park management system.
  • Wireless connection with access to the Sense server.
  • Portable device (Tablet) with an operating system of Android 4.0 or higher with access to the wireless network.
  • Portable Bluetooth ticket printer
  • Vehicle reception area
  • Returns area with PC, ticket printer and MIFARE card reader

Mode of operation

The basic operation begins with the customer delivering the vehicle keys to the car park staff in the area designated for such use.

With the help of a mobile device and printer, which will facilitate the activity of staff in the area, the customer will receive a ticket that contains the necessary information to make the subsequent cash payment.

The person in charge of registering the entry of the vehicle will assign to it:

  • An identifier (visible object to facilitate collection, space, area, etc.).
  • Registration and photos of its condition at the entrance. If you have the automatic number plate recognition system (ANPRP) you can check the list of the most recent vehicles to have entered. If not, entry will be manual.
  • Vehicle brand.
  • Model and colour.
  • Objects left inside the vehicle

Once the customer delivery process is completed, the employee will re-identify the vehicle to register its delivery.

The Equinsa Valet Parking system is resident in and integrated into the car park management software, giving it the benefits of the typical features of the general software that allows for the collection of all kinds of statistics such as income, occupancy, stays, rush hours, etc.


Some accessories have been developed within the family of components that make up the SENSE Automatic Car Park Management System to increase the power of the system, facilitate the use of the facility and above all, improve the service provided to the user of the car park.

Among these components are our SENSE Discount Validators, which are used to validate car park entrance tickets, allowing the user to leave the premises without paying for their stay in the car park or for applying a specific discount at establishments associated with the car park, such as shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and more…

Equinsa offers different types of Discount Validators depending on the needs of each client, always using technology adapted to the system the car park requires. All discount validators are small in size, very versatile and easy to place anywhere, from Online Mobile Devices to small Discount Validators connected to the SENSE car park system, perfect for supermarkets, shops, superstores, restaurants and more… Equinsa Parking has the perfect discount validator for every solution.