Customised Solutions

Not all car parks are the same and, consequently, the requirements to obtain maximum profitability may require adjustments or even greater changes, both in terms of electromechanics and management programs.

From small garages to multi-zone parking complexes in international airports, as well as hotels that want to use room card keys in their car parks, Equinsa Parking offers solutions for a wide range of needs, including shopping centres, supermarkets, service stations, gyms, hospitals with parking influenced by differentiated rates, and any other facility that requires unique operations.

Equinsa Parking’s Sense system has been designed to be scalable and to be able to adapt to the particular requirements of each case. We can adapt to the ERP of your company, implement fiscal printers, alter the cash payment system of coins and bills, include change dispensers and/or recyclers, adapt to different pedestrian access regulation formats or develop specific software applications for individual cases. We can generally adapt to everything that allows you to optimise the performance of your Sense car park management system.

Solutions adapted to any kind of car park