Vehicle guidance system

Vehicle guidance system



The SONAR Guidance System is a modular system that can be integrated with other car park systems. Its function is to help vehicle drivers find free parking spaces as quickly as possible.

This new Parking Guidance system improves the quality of the service provided to the user, increasing the level of customer satisfaction and increasing the profitability of the car park, optimising the rotation of available spaces by improving the flow of vehicle traffic. All this BENEFITS the manager in terms of image and profitability.

This is also beneficial to the environment as noise and polluting gas emission levels are reduced by reducing the driving time of vehicles inside the car park.

The system is based on the use of ultrasonic sensors that detect the presence of vehicles in the parking spaces, with a visual identification depending on the state of the space, changing colour from green (free) and blue (free disabled) to red (occupied), being visible from a long distance.

LED or TFT signs inform the user of the availability of free spaces on different lanes and guide them to them, indicating the number of available spaces in real time, as well as their location within the car park, through a comprehensive system of tables with text, arrows, crosses, images and videos.

Communications with the SONAR management PC, the bus controllers and probes allow the car park manager to obtain graphical information on the current occupancy status of the car park. Equinsa’s SONAR Guidance System offers the car park manager a valuable tool that allows them to obtain all kinds of statistics and numerous lists that will allow them to be aware of the habits and behaviours of their customers.

Our R&D department has designed an innovative system that makes its installation and maintenance as easy as possible as it’s a fully automated system that doesn’t require any special maintenance or trained personnel.


Custom software for each car park, designed from the layout of the development itself. On various screens and in a simple and very visual way, it shows the layout of the car park, notifying the user of the status of each space, its occupancy time and the online display of free spaces shown by each information panel.

A highly intuitive program allows for the visualisation of all the monitored parameters, panels, probes, statistics, etc.

By simply moving the mouse on the car park map, you can select multiple options, such as displaying the occupancy time, occupancy history and more in each parking space. A very powerful tool for managing your car park.

Different types of statistics are also provided, such as:

  • Average monthly occupancy between dates.
  • Preference for using parking spaces.
  • Occupancy changes.
  • Total occupancy time per space.
  • Changes in car park occupancy and vacancy by hour, etc.

The Equinsa Parking SONAR Guidance System also has a comprehensive reporting system that can be customised according to the needs of the client.


Detection Probe and LED Display

This is the electronic equipment responsible for detecting the occupancy status of the parking space. It consists of two ultrasonic emitter and receiver sensors, emitting at a frequency of 40 KHz. (safe for people and animals), and determines the presence or absence of a vehicle, activating the corresponding LED display: Green/Free; Red/ Occupied; Blue/Disabled Free Space.


Our SONAR Guidance system also has modern TFT technology colour panels for user information, with added features for your car park to help users find the closest space available in a certain direction.

With a widescreen format, it has a wide range of abilities: show the number of available spaces in a certain direction, combine messages about available spaces with text, images or advertising videos.

Make the most of the benefits!

Control electronics

Control electronics based on the latest generation microprocessor and RS-485 communication allows control of the signs, probes, sensors, actuators and communication with the management PC.

Information totems

Equinsa Parking has a wide variety of information totems that can be placed on main access routes. They can be made to measure with an aesthetic and personalised design, tailored to the needs of our customers.

They indicate the number of free spaces, how free or full the car park is, and they can be used for all kinds of advertising. Totems are made of treated steel sheet and other materials designed to withstand weather conditions in the open. They are equipped with ambient light measuring systems to adjust the brightness and use of the LED displays. They can be fixed to the floor or the wall.

“The best introductory image for your car park.”